Major search engine optimized, accelerated mobile pages (AMP) ready, and mobile-friendly.


Accept credit cards, vouchers, track shipments, gift cards, and accept appointments!


Use your favorite analytics solution, collect leads, and send push notifications!


Powered by a grid of powerful computers that serves millions of hits per day.


Start with templates or a blank design, then drag and drop the entire design to your will.


Import and export to your will. Don't get locked into a proprietary website builder.

Layout Engine

Starter Templates - Get your mind flowing. Whether it's a landing page or content page, we have it.

Drag and Drop - Drag and drop your website from top to bottom. No programming, HTML, CSS, or JavaScript experience required.

Works on all screens - All websites are resizable and work on mobile and tablet devices.

Custom Layouts - Free yourself from identical templates. Build headers, footers, archives, 404 pages and post types without code.

Reusable Layouts - Make designs consistent and reuse titles, headings, designs, and templates.

Style Controls - Get advanced styling controls like fonts, text sizes, colors, and various page configurations in just a few clicks.

Font Awesome Icons - Cultivate your designs with retina-ready icon sets and better user performance.

Dark Mode - Adopt vibrancy in dark mode and focus more on building your pages and layouts.

Unlimited Menus - Free your designs and layouts from limitations with more navigation menus.

Widget Support - Add blocks of content to your site. Instagram feeds, tag cloud, RSS feeds and more.

Columns Support - Our advanced layout engine supports complex multi-column layouts and sidebars.


Unlimited Products - There is no limit to the number of products you can sell through Giganizm.

Accept Credit Cards - Accept credit cards and Apple Pay in your store with Stripe. PayPal also supported.

Voucher Support - Accept Groupon, LivingSocial and Gilt City vouchers during checkout. Allow customers to use multiple vouchers.

QR-Code Payments - Receive money with Alipay and WeChat Pay by scanning QR-codes. Easy to set up, no business account required.

Manual Payments - Received a big order? Allow online shoppers to purchase using bank transfers, checks, and manual phone payments.

Flexible Shipping Tools - Allow local pickups, flat-rate and weight-based shipping. Get additional preferences for international orders.

Store Credits - Generate store credits, and gift cards which are redeemable at checkout.

Coupons - Offer a percent discount, amount off, or free shipping. Set limitations by minimum spending or required products.

Accept Bookings - Allow clients to reserve your time online. Great for hair salons, hotels, photographers, or businesses that sell time to others.

Customer Accounts - Allow your customers to create accounts, increase sales from repeat buyers, and build ongoing customer relationships.

Mailing List Integration - Allow customers to sign up for your mailing list during checkout.

Cost of Goods - Manage products easier with detailed reporting for total costs and profits.

Shipment Tracking - Add tracking numbers to orders allowing customers to track their orders via a link.

Custom Email Styles - Design and brand order and booking emails sent to your customers.

GDPR Support - Data retention settings, and advanced Privacy Policy configurations.

Powerful Architecture

We Use What We Make - All of our websites, including Giganizm, is delivered from the same powerful grid infrastructure as yours.

Grow Indefinitely - Start small and grow. We do not limit traffic and storage for growing sites under normal usage.

Highly Secure - Free HTTPS, higher search engine ranking, PCI compliance, and consumer peace of mind.

Work on Your Domain - Map and log in using your personalized domain name like your own. Switch between multiple sites easily.

Works in China - Unified hosts like Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, and Weebly are partially blocked in China. We ensure your website is isolated from aimless blockages like this.

Two-Factor Authentication - Protect your website from unauthorized or malicious logins with an ever-changing security code.

CDN Included - Most media types on Giganizm are hosted with a global content delivery network (CDN) that reduces load times.

Custom Infrastructure - Load balancing, scaling, and caching? It's all handled on a grid of powerful computers that serves millions of hits per day.

Multiple Domains - Can't decide between which domain name to buy or use? Need a shortener? Have it all redirected to your primary site easily.

No JavaScript Required - We respect all privacy aware consumers, and permit users to access our sites even if scripts are disabled.

No Maintenance - We don't know what paying for maintenance packages really mean. It doesn't exist.

No Plugins - No extra plugins are required to run your website. Everything is built in, and you do not need to optimize anything.

Search Engine Optimization

AMP Ready - Auto-magically create mobile-friendly content for your website. AMP articles are generated and updated automatically.

Google Search Console - Receive dashboard notifications when Google detects issues with your website.

Open Graph Support - Automatically generate proper Facebook and Pinterest open graph tags when your links are indexed by search engines or shared on social media.

Title and Descriptions - Get full control over page titles and descriptions, including the ability to use different variables.

Bulk Edit - Save time by editing titles and descriptions of all posts and pages in one fell swoop.

Clean Permalinks - All pages on your site contain URLs that are easily indexed by search engines and read by many users.

RSS Protection - Truncate the feed and automatically link back posts scraped or plagiarized by other robots and websites.

Ping-o-Matic - Automatically notify major search engines after a post has been published.


Content Analysis - Check for reading issues, passive wording, transition words, and sentence lengths on posts and pages.

Scheduled Posts - Post scheduling allows you to schedule prepared posts to be published in the future.

Workflow - You can set posts to Published, Draft, Pending Review, and Scheduled modes.

RSS Syndication - Blog posts are syndicated via RSS and fully integrated with readers such as Flipboard, Feedly, and others.

Category/Tag Support - Tag and category support provide two levels of categorization and organization.

Customizable URLs - Every post has a unique permalink with a properly labeled and clean URL slug that can be customized.

Custom Fields - Insert metadata into your posts. Some examples: The Rating, Mood, Weather or Currently Listening to.


Complete Features - Our completely integrated commenting system supports threaded comments, and user avatars.

Powerful Abuse Filters - Our filters block abusive requests to our systems in real-time. These protections help defend your site from malicious code and unwanted links.

Comment Moderation - You can set your comments to be sent to a moderation queue before they are shown live on your site.

Comment Cut-Off Dates - Set automatic cut-off dates to disable post commenting.

Bulk Management - Perform bulk operations on your comments from your Dashboard.


AMP Ready - Automatically create mobile-friendly content for sites. Generated and updated automatically with every new publish.

Shorten Links - Brand and shorten links for affiliate use, sharing on social media, or for tracking ads. Shorten links using a custom mapped domain.

Push Notifications - Forget email newsletters! Send personalized messages to your audience instantly! Works for many browsers.

Social Media Widgets - Get images from Instagram and tweets from Twitter on your website without all the bulky branding from embeds.

Custom Site Search Engine

Internal Search Engine - Giganizm provides a robust internal search engine that provides your readers with accurate search results.

Constantly Updated - Giganizm website search is updated in real time, even if content is published.

Designed Search - Get full search results within your website, even if you switch or change web designs.

Show Only Posts - Configure your website search to filter out miscellaneous content and show only blog posts.

Front-end/Back-end Search - Search works on both your website and within your Dashboard.

Importing and Exporting

Blog Importing - Import blog content from Blogger, LiveJournal, Movable Type, TypePad, RSS feed, Squarespace, Tumblr, and WordPress.

Product Importing - Import products from Shopify, BigCartel, Etsy, and WooCommerce, or any other platform that supports CSV.

Content Exporting - Export content to WordPress or WXR file formats.

Import Services - We provide import services for Wix and Weebly.


24/7 Email Support - Giganizm offers email support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team is internal, and typically respond to requests in about an hour.

Live Chat Support - Giganizm offers live chat support on Facebook Messenger and respond during 12pm to 12am EST.

Concierge™ Branding - Giganizm helps you improve your site from blurry images, logos, and common mistakes from copywriting.

Concierge™ Account Manager - Giganizm helps you set up and manage domain accounts, tracking accounts, and more.

Concierge™ Developer - Giganizm offers limited website code assistance in case you need something built.

Concierge™ Plus - Giganizm offers monthly web design and development updates, and priority support.