How I Decided to Improve Earthy Nourish’s Branding

Modeling a brand with a beautiful earthy nature-looking website, Earthy Nourish, isn’t easy, especially for the founder Nikita Then.

With her battle between content creation, design, and marketing, we set a mission to rebuild and repair Nikita’s beautiful website, Earthy Nourish.

Earthy Nourish is an earthy nature personal development brand with a touch of health and wellness.

Followers from around the world, from Australia to the United States that love success and veganism, adore the work and her interests!

The Problem

Choosing a right platform based on speed, flexibleness, ease of use and maintenance is important. Before the renovation, the platform that hosted Earthy Nourish existed performance issues.

Lots of them.

She was also restricted to certain features like online selling tools, the lack of having SSL security, and having performance and mobile layout issues.

What made the transfer more difficult was that the content on her existing platform was not transferable. It didn’t have an export button!

Although it did take some time, we managed to complete that task, manually.

Our Value and Mission

The value that we provided to Nikita was more than any other web development platform could do. Since we relied on an open-source platform, we had unlimited leverage.

During the move, we were able to duplicate her existing website design without touching what she had was “unconvertablecode”.

The replication process took a little over a week’s work.

We also decided to set an example out there through our Free Tier program. We understand not many website owners acknowledge branding is an expensive and time-consuming task.

Earthy Nourish's website

This is the final result of Nikita’s website. The design is 95% similar to her existing platform.

Her requirements were unique from other projects we’ve done, so we decided to take a test for ourselves and how we could leverage the platform.

The Resolution

Our stringent process of creating a controlled and manageable platform does not exist with traditional web development, design, and marketing agencies.

Therefore, before we transferred Earthy Nourish over, we did an in-depth overview of what she needed and how she wants the final results to be.

Her requirements include:

  • Faster website loading
  • Sticking to a unique non-templated design
  • Logo re-design
  • Search results improvement
  • Branding tips and tricks

We were glad about how everything turned out!

She was surprised that the platform was easy enough to use, how it was extendable it was compared to her old platform, and how we are willing to help her with branding issues she occurred.

If you feel interested in our services, feel free to comment belowor email us your inquiries.

Jacky Liang

Founder of CBN Ventures. Software Fanatic, Business Builder and Subconscious Speaker.

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