Accepting Third-Party Vouchers in Your Online Store

You know, many online shop owners already accept credit cards and PayPal online. Although, when it comes to vouchers, there’s no such thing as “checking out with a Groupon”.

Hmm, is this something new?

Well, yes. I had to develop this feature myself because I realized that online shop owners did not collect their voucher codes efficiently.

Often shop owners would ask their customers to checkout with a coupon code or add the codes to the order notes.

It’s a mess managing data when data isn’t in the right place.

Finding a Solution to Vouchers

Often, when you find yourself accepting vouchers, your website would receive massive amounts of traffic where potential customers would stay on your website not knowing where to check out.

Groupon Order Notes Checkout

Checking out like this doesn’t seem very efficient…

Often, this would lead to a mess of order notes (meant specifically for special requests) and random gateway checkouts. Not a smart move to be unorganized with data.

But I could still use coupons, right?

Wrong. Theoretically, Groupon vouchers are not considered coupons because they are not a discount offered specifically in your store.

Groupons are considered vouchers because vouchers must be purchased before placing the order, hence the word, “voucher”.

On the other hand, coupons are offered before the purchase.

Okay, I’m super confused still…

No worries. Let me break it down for you into two parts.

Store vouchers have a stored “monetary value”, or Monopoly money accepted only in a particular business for a specified product.

For example, a voucher worth $20 dollars.

On the other hand, coupons are generated on-the-fly or part of an event that does not have a monetary value attached to it.

For example, a coupon that can get you 20% off or $20 dollars off your order.

Although, the question still remains.

Can you purchase a coupon? Definitely not, because a coupon is an assumption of value, not necessarily an object of value.

Looking good? Cool!

Back to this thing you were talking about!

Okay. So this tool that I developed allows you to checkout with vouchers from Groupon, LivingSocial and Gilt City.

Yes, we know Groupon and LivingSocial have merged, but look at the screenshot below:

Groupon Gateway Checkout

This is how customers checkout with a voucher code.

What the tool specifically solves is:

  • Depending on the company, it marks the order as “Payment via xxx”.
  • Displays the voucher code in big and bold text.
  • Frees up the order notes for customers that need it for special requests.
  • Places the order “On hold” until you can redeem the voucher.
Groupon Edit Order

Here’s a little example of the “old fashioned way” with Groupon, and the Giganizm way!

If you are not hosting your E-commerce solution with Giganizm, consider moving today! We’re always here to improve your experience in running businesses efficiently!

If there are any questions, feel free to leave a comment or contact us directly!

Until next time!

Jacky Liang

Founder of CBN Ventures. Software Fanatic, Business Builder and Subconscious Speaker.

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