How to Accept Payments with Stripe

In the old days, accepting payments online was not a simple task. It involved complicated setups, expensive services and fees, and websites needed to be PCI compliant. Today, we have Stripe.

Stripe is becoming the popular choice for accepting payments.

Some payment gateways also redirected customers away from the original website to complete transactions. This led to many lost sales and derailed the trust for many customers.

There are also many benefits when you integrate Stripe with your business!

Being PCI compliant is one of them.

Your Solution Is Stripe

If your services do not consist of custom quotes and manual invoicing, Stripe is definitely the easiest way to professionally accept payments on your website.

Most fees are more affordable than other solutions.

Our branding platform makes it easy for you to accept payments effortlessly and is tightly integrated with our e-commerce solutions.

When you accept payments with it on Giganizm, you will get:

  • Native credit card forms
  • Automatic PCI compliance
  • Mobile Payments
    • Apple Pay
    • Pay with Google
    • Payment Request API
  • Free refunds
  • Advanced fraud protection
  • Recurring billing

Every Giganizm website also includes a free SSL certificate!

Set Up and Activate Account

To get started, you will first need to set up a free account.

Click here to create your Stripe account

Once your account is created, feel free to create test subscriptions, customers, and charges before verification.

Before you activate your account, spend some time and familiarize yourself with the platform.

By testing the gateway, you can solve most issues that come up your way. You can also skip the tests, and fill in a request form (instructions below).

Stripe makes accessing your API fairly simple.

When you’re ready, go ahead and activate your account with the verification details. Some verification details are:

  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Your legal name or Company entity
  • Contact details

Adding Stripe to your Website

If you have not activated your e-commerce solution on Giganizm, make sure you fill in a request form so we can look into it.

You may also use the example message below:

Hi, I would like to activate my e-commerce solution with Stripe.

Remember to replace the example keys with your example keys. Once we receive your request, we will help you set up your online store and the payment gateway with the information received.

If you have already activated your store, go ahead and follow these steps below to activate it:

  1. Log in to your website dashboard.
  2. Click “Settings” from the left-hand “WooCommerce” menu.
  3. From the top tabs, click “Checkout”.
  4. Inside the Checkout options, click “Stripe”.
  5. Using the example below, paste the API keys into the appropriate fields.
  6. Check the “Enable Stripe” checkbox.
  7. Click the “Save changes” to add the gateway.

An example of the Stripe API key settings.

Test Your Website

Visit your website, then place an order on your Giganizm website using the test API keys. For the payment fields, use the following card number for testing purposes:

4242 4242 4242 4242

The expiration date and CVV can be anything.

If you need additional help setting up the gateway, feel free to leave a comment below or send us an email!

Jacky Liang

Founder of CBN Ventures. Software Fanatic, Business Builder and Subconscious Speaker.

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