What is a Managed Branding Platform?

Branding is difficult, but it is the most important aspect of a company’s image. Whether you offer a service or product, having a good brand is the key to building relationships, closing sales and immensely growing your businesses online.

Many businesses, especially mom and pop shops, or independent distributors, usually do not have the experience or the time to create quality content, keeping customers happy and to brand.

This is where managed branding comes in.

These services usually include continuous website branding, some quality content creation, and being omnipresent on social media.

How does it work?

The process is simple. Instead of the person or business trying to brand themselves, we’ll manage it for you. What’s left for the consumer is to focus on creating content and keeping customers happy.

Typically we take care of the following things:

  • Web hosting and design
  • Website Social Media
  • Content correction (e.g. grammar)
  • Search engine optimization

And provide you with:

  • Guides on optimal branding
  • Brand targeting articles
  • Logo and username recommendations
  • Tips for optimizing your website

Are you just a hosting company?

We offer web hosting as a part of our plans. If Giganizm was a simple web hosting service, we would only provide you space to run your website. Most of these websites tend to look incomplete…

…are outdated AND have poor branding ethics.

When you sign up with Giganizm, we would:

  • Ask about your company’s culture
  • Perform analysis on your social profiles
  • Determine your business circle
  • Ask and setup required website tools

What about your web design?

We help you choose and set up a recommended design for your business. The web designs we use are fully fledged frameworks that help us rapidly get your website up and running!

No more similar web designs. We want YOU to be unique!

If you decide to step up your game and sign up for our enterprise plans and services, you will have access to:

  • Dedicated install
  • Custom web design
  • Priority support

Do you need a branded site? Contact us now!

Jacky Liang

Founder of CBN Ventures. Software Fanatic, Business Builder and Subconscious Speaker.

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