Information Regarding our Free Tier Program

In order to focus on creating better websites, Giganizm has phased out the Free Tier Program on December, 2018.

At Giganizm, we encourage and provide a solution to a better website, branding, and publishing platform for everyone. From time to time, we allow some brands and businesses to host at no cost.

Our Free Tier program allows certain customers to start their site faster without having the additional overhead, like paying for enterprise hosting and code assistance.

There are more specifics and limitations, but because of lengthiness, please continue reading below! If you are accepted, please let me be the first to congratulate you!

Who is eligible for the Free Tier program?

To limit signups and determine eligibility, we will ask you several questions relating to:

  • Category of work
  • Portfolio or résumé (if applicable)
  • Current financial status

Our team will use this information to verify how you will use our service. By providing the information stated above, you agree to our Terms of Service, General Terms and Privacy Policy.

What are the limitations?

As with all free things, some limitations will apply to the Free Tier plan. These limitations are there because of strict quality assurance. Here is the list of rules:

  1. Good branding ethics
    1. Consistency
    2. Advertising your website externally
    3. Showing professionalism
  2. One (1) site per person or business
  3. Availability of good content

Good content means planning, writing and publishing relevant content unique to your brand. Search engines will raise your traffic levels up to 55 percent, all because of high-quality content!

  1. What are some good branding ethics?
  2. How do I brand myself even better?

Our mission is to make your beautiful website convert. And because of complexity, our team of experts will help you through this confusion.

We encourage beautiful and highly convertible websites.

By being eligible for the Free Tier program, you agree that maintaining your website is a must. Please be mindful that we do not allow inactive sites on the program.

In addition, you must also be attentive if our team members contact you.

If the website becomes inactive or not set up for more than 30 days (development, design, content, connecting domain, etc), you will be removed from the program and charged a full subscription within 3 days.

How can the Free Tier program help me?

Because you have been accepted into our Free Tier program, your brand will be featured on our website, social media advertisements, and our homepage!

The Free Tier program is great for:

  • Businesses or brands that feel unready for a website
  • Customers that cannot afford an enterprise-grade hosting service
  • Customers that believe free website functions are not enough

If you have any questions about the program, feel free to shoot us a message or simply comment below!

Jacky Liang

Founder of CBN Ventures. Web Developer, Aspiring Entrepreneur, and Subconscious Speaker.

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