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Business Email Address: Email Forwarding vs. Paid Inboxes

By Jacky Liang · February 5, 2019

Getting a business online involves many steps, from domain names to website hosting. What’s missing is a business email address, a service many people still are not willing to shell up for. At Giganizm, we…

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How I Decided to Improve Earthy Nourish’s Branding

By Jacky Liang · December 7, 2017

Modeling a brand with a beautiful earthy nature-looking website, Earthy Nourish, isn’t easy, especially for the founder Nikita Then. With her battle between content creation, design, and marketing, we set a mission to rebuild and…

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Accepting Third-Party Vouchers in Your Online Store

By Jacky Liang · November 16, 2017

You know, many online shop owners already accept credit cards and PayPal online. Although, when it comes to vouchers, there’s no such thing as “checking out with a Groupon”. Hmm, is this something new? Well,…

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How to Accept Payments with Stripe

By Jacky Liang · October 26, 2017

In the old days, accepting payments online was not a simple task. It involved complicated setups, expensive services and fees, and websites needed to be PCI compliant. Today, we have Stripe. Stripe is becoming the popular…

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Compress Your Images and Speed Up Your Website

By Jacky Liang · September 27, 2017

We all love high-quality and crisp images, especially if we own a photography website. Unfortunately, slow websites are often penalized by Google and will definitely ruin your visitor’s experience. For every second a website takes…

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Enabling Two-Factor Authentication on Your Account

By Jacky Liang · September 27, 2017

Website security has become a priority, especially when hackers are targeting website owners. At Giganizm, we offer a custom solution to protect our customers using two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication helps protect your account by requiring…

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What is a Managed Branding Platform?

By Jacky Liang · September 13, 2017

Branding is difficult, but it is the most important aspect of a company’s image. Whether you offer a service or product, having a good brand is the key to building relationships, closing sales and immensely…

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