About Giganizm

We are a managed branding platform suited for personal blogs and small businesses. Packed with features, reliable customer service, and enterprise grade servers.

Welcome to Giganizm! Your official branding platform. Established in 2015, we help bloggers and businesses create beautiful and highly convertible websites.

Started with a small project at home, we realized that small business owners did not have the resources and lacked the knowledge to create speedy, responsive, feature filled, beautiful and secure websites.

We created a platform through open-source software and relied on experts to make better decisions for your business through branding, effortlessly.

Today, Giganizm marks its third milestone, developing useful tools for small businesses to run their services.

Not only that, we offer almost every paid function at no cost, without being restricted to a closed platform and being able to easily import and export between systems.

Build your business with Giganizm!

Today’s decision is backed by our efforts.