Courses We Offer

Discover Code

Code is scattered everywhere, and learning to program doesn't always make the cut. Sometimes it takes to discover, and that's what we're about.

Learn Computer Tricks

Oh yes. You learned word processing in school, but what about troubleshooting, preventive measures, or even data management skills? Hmmm...

Make Beautiful Sites

It's all easy clicks until you really want something done, real nice. A site shines, only if you pay attention to the detail. It might even score extra visitors!

Suitable for Everyone

Learning can be fun, but it can become very stressful at times. Our courses are built for those who want unrestricted learning. With online courses starting as low as $1, some even free, you don't have an excuse to skip out anymore.

Keeping things Simple

  • Buy the course, keep the course.
  • Discover technology, like you never did.
  • Hundreds of lessons to pick from.
  • Unrestricted learning for all students!
  • Frequently updated online courses.

Thoughts about Giganizm

I realize that in order to learn the skills that I require, it starts with simple human concepts. I now found the first technology knowledge network, I get to peek around interesting things!

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Jason Wang

Photographer at InspiredByLun