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Earthy Nourish by Nikita Then
Earthy Nourish by Nikita Then

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Earthy Nourish by Nikita Then
Earthy Nourish by Nikita Then

Earthy Nourish

I always wanted to set up a personal website but I had little knowledge of coding, HTML or other tech terms. Thanks to Giganizm, I had my dream website built & designed exactly the way I wanted!


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Business Email Address: Email Forwarding vs. Paid Inboxes

Getting a business online involves many steps, from domain names to website hosting. What’s missing is a business email address, a service many people still are not willing to shell up for. At Giganizm, we often advise customers to get...

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How I Decided to Improve Earthy Nourish’s Branding

Modeling a brand with a beautiful earthy nature-looking website, Earthy Nourish, isn’t easy, especially for the founder Nikita Then. With her battle between content creation, design, and marketing, we set a mission to rebuild and repair Nikita’s beautiful website, Earthy...

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